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Risingnews24.com is one of the most leading online news portal in Bangladesh Mainly based on news and entertainment. The further endeavour we cherish and nurture from the urge of our insight vision, an inseperable part or integral of our mission is to make people in the know of the happening of home and abroad and making them always entertained and recreated throgh the most possible proximity our arrangements.

The Salient Ingrediants:

News, Data, Photos, Videos, Graphics and so on are salient ingrediants.


Restictions And Reservations:

No part of our arrangement from the side of news portal is either for sold to the third partis or for patronized to any one else. It is only give as an access to viewers and readers for their knowledge, experience and entertainment.


Our Flexibility To Your Consent:

We are have very flexible in case of any positive or negative consent from your part for being a readers or viewers to give you a satiable feedback from our side without any hesitation and if required, we are here under Pledge bound for the rectification or amendment.


Your Choices, Our satisfaction:

In case of your choice of anything else out of our arrangements or anything of that sorts, we are here a step farward to respond to you for the assesment and for ferther proceeding.


Reservation Regarding Children:

We never demodiviate rather we do encourage and inspire children. But, children below thirteen rest to our reservation regarding comments or others.


A Good Bit Of Our Mind:

If you anything obout us, our arrangements or an urge to say something suggestive from your part, please feel free and at ease to keep contact with us. We must evalute your suggestions. Thank you.          


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